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Welcome to the Intuition Park! The place where designers, editors, and developers create small experimental side projects just for fun. Their goals are various: they want to learn something new, learn how to work in teams and to be a leader, to meet new people and enjoy the process. All this happens via the Internet.

The park has opened, so now it is closed

We form a group of 17 people. One half of them is the Intuition designers and the other half is you! That’s correct, it makes eight and a half people on each side.

This project is not for newbies, it is for guys and girls who already have certain skills.

We ask participants to fill in the form and to answer our questions about what they know and what they want to learn. They show us their sites or some other ready projects.

We look through the answers personally and invite people whose interests are similar. We do not select the best or the prettiest, we select the ones who are a perfect match for others.

Right now the form is not visible, not to miss the moment when it gets published, follow our news.

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The main idea is to learn new things by creating small digital products. For example, you can learn motion design, complex web graphics, VR and other cool technologies. The thing is that any project needs just a teaspoon of technologies and a full glass of basic skills; you should know how to articulate your ideas, create layouts for texts, write code and finish your projects. We work on these skills as well.

Here is what we have done:

Scrollfer ⋅ summer 2019

Razgovorometr ⋅ spring 2019

Bad Trip Game ⋅ summer 2018

00:07:49 ⋅ summer 2019

Layout Mash ⋅ summer 2019

Radioemoji ⋅ spring 2019

Moodworld ⋅ spring 2019

Food Casino ⋅ spring 2019

The Park is not a school! There are no teachers or plans. We neither give grades nor certificates. However the Park is not the Wild Wild West, we have rules, advisers and a fixed schedule.


The Intuition team method and standards apply for the Park as well. If you cannot imagine how they work in real life, you have a good chance to check it out.


An adviser is not an art director, not a CTO and not an editor in chief. The advisers are not members of any teams and do not push anyone. They give an outside opinion, ask complex questions and try to answer yours. If a team is very good and self-organized, the advisers do not interfere with them.


Will help to make your way through messed up tasks. If you need it badly, he can give advice about design, but it's better if you do it yourself.


Will help to choose the stack and create the architecture; he will save you from mistakes. He can even have a look at your code. Or not to have a look.


Will teach you about what is good and what is bad in your ideas and texts. She will criticize your texts in general and edit them if you are lucky.


The Park will be open for seven weeks:

Meeting each other and discussing project ideas

2 weeks

We create a chat, get to know each other, have fun. Each of the participants tells others about themselves and suggests project ideas. The participants have to form teams of 3-4 people. The teams agree on a project and fill out an application.

The advisers help to see if a project is too large and to make it more simple and interesting.

All participants must be a part of a team and cannot apply on their own.If you did not manage to become a part of a team: to lead or to join one, you have to leave.

Project realization

4 weeks

All teams decide what schedule they follow, how to distribute the tasks, how to finish the project on time. The teams show their progress in the common chat, it makes all the sense.

All teams communicate with the advisers in the public chat, no privacy.

participants must be ready for unwanted advice. They do not have always follow them, but discussions are the main pleasure. You do not not work on your own one project, but follow other teams and understand what and why happens in their projects.


1 week

The teams need to prepare and publish a story on their project. All completed projects appear on this site with a mention of their creators.

This part is obligatory.


Nobody pays anyone. Participating is free because we do not provide educational services and you cannot buy love.

The projects must be non-commercial. It does not mean we do not like commercial projects and do not let them be in the Park. We do not want these projects as they imply questions we do not want to answer right here, like “why to make this at all?”, “who needs this?”, “isn’t it too bold?”, “what will our client say?”. We want to make useless creative projects in the Park; we want to make art – but shush! Who said “art”? No one did.

Long story short:

– we gather a group of people who can create something and want to learn. They make a small group experimental project;

– there are two weeks to get to know each other and to plan, four weeks to make the project and one week to release it and write a story about it;

– we have a small questionnaire, the candidates fill it out, we manually select and invite the people that fit best.

Right now the form is not visible, not to miss the moment when it gets published follow our news.

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